Vehicle fleet

We utilise almost 100 modern trucks, predominantly DAF and Mercedes-Benz. The semi-trailers and high volume roadtrains meet stringent EU standards, and the largest ones can hold up to 38 EUR-pallets. We also use delivery vans if fast transport of small volume of goods is necessary.

Truck equipment:

  • Satellite tracking systems.
  • Adjustable columns.
  • Safe cargo fixing facilities.
  • Tilt trailers certified by DIN EN 12642  Code XL.

Efficient utilisation of the vehicles is ensured by the dispatch centre based in our headquarters in Hlubočky near Olomouc. The coordinators work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Permanent supervision of the trucks is ensured by modern tracking systems, therefore information about the location, driving style or speed of the trucks is available virtually on-line. Information collected this way is utilised by the drivers to make the traffic more efficient.

Experienced vehicle mechanics care for good condition of our fleet. In doing so, they use, for instance, a truck equipped with a hydraulic loader. Having the tractor-trailer units in perfect shape is a basic prerequisite for successful delivery of shipments to the respective destinations. We also provide insurance of the transported cargo.

The new fleet of vehicles DAF

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