About us

We are a stable, purely Czech motor transport contractor. Our company has operated since 1991. Over the quarter-century of our activity, we have finally specialised in the transport of large-volume cargo. Our main mission is fulfilling the requirements of our clients in the shortest possible time and at the lowest possible costs. Our reward is hundreds of satisfied customers who trust us and approach us regularly.Zaměstnanci společnosti J.M.I.T.

J.M.I.T.’s philosophy

  • Satisfied customers who we serve to a degree where they do not have to think about the logistics at all.
  • Representing the Czech Republic in Europe.
  • Transport of goods in the maximum quality and minimum time.
  • -We hold the following certificates: ISO 9001, ISO 9002 and other.

Our main activity is the transport of shipments over the Czech Republic and Europe. 150 employees work in J.M.I.T.’s two divisions. One focuses on classic road haulage, the other specialises in the transport over European Union for our foreign partner.

We primarily focus on the transport of large-volume cargo. If necessary, we can also provide storage facilities and ensure necessary customs clearance for import and export. Our drivers cover more than 8.5 million kilometres each year, more than 220 journeys around the Earth’s equator.

The company headquarters are located in Hlubočky near Olomouc. We have adapted the facility to our needs over the years. The main building houses the dispatch centre with a 24/7 hot line.Our coordinators are fluent in several languages and they keep track of the situation in road transport. If necessary, they are able to give immediate advice to the drivers in order to avoid problems in traffic.

High standard of services is maintained thanks to our trained drivers and technicians. Drivers who work with us for more than twenty years are no exception. We appreciate them as much as we appreciate a number of customers who cooperate with us on a long-term basis.

25 let v autodopravě 150 zaměstnanců 8 milionu kilometru

We provide support

Since the beginning, we have supported people who ended up on a wheelchair, for instance, due to a car accident. We also support a handicapped girl by providing her with financial aid for assistive devices (pram, walker). We also cooperate with the Children in Distress Foundation, and UMÚN, the publishing house for disabled painters. We also made financial contribution for shooting a film about the Chernobyl disaster and for the BabyBox in the Teaching Hospital in Olomouc.

History of the company



Obtaining a licence for international transport


Purchase of special transport technology



Beginning of cooperation with a significant partner from Luxembourg in the field of air transport


Introduction of the satellite communication system for on-line monitoring of the vehicles



Obtaining the ISO 9002 quality certificate


Expansion of services by storing, goods distribution, and customs clearance



Establishing a branch in Nuremberg, Germany. Purchase and redevelopment of own company facilities.


Concluding a contract for the outsourcing of transport for Mora Moravia a. s.



Audit by Lloyd´s Register Quality Assurance and obtaining the ISO 9001:2000 certificate. Start of construction of a logistic centre in Velká Bystřice.


Beginning of cooperation with a significant partner from Luxembourg.



For our 15 years anniversary we have the special logo made.


Gradual renewal and expansion of the fleet to 86 vehicles.




Successful ISO 9001 re-certification.


Expansion of the fleet by 10 DAF trucks. Introduction of a new monitoring system – ECHOTRACK.



Change of legal form of the company – physical entity was transformed to joint-stock company. Another successful ISO 9001 re-certification.


Celebration of 20 years since the foundation of the company (in August).



The new trucks manufacturer Mercedes delivered 10 tractors and expanded the fleet. We continued in a process of renewal of DAF roadtrains in average by 10 units a year.


Another five successful years behind us.

Logo 25 let



ISO 9001:2015

ADR Advisor Certificate

ADR Advisor Certificate

Shell Certificate

Shell Certificate

Licence for international transport since 1991

Licence for international transport since 1991

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Czech Republic
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