Large-volume transport

International transport of large-volume cargo in maximum quality and shortest possible time

J.M.I.T. has been a reliable partner for the transport of large-volume cargo for a long time. We specialise primarily in the transport within the European Union. Diligent approach helps the companies simplify international trade and minimise their expenses. This is achieved through a sophisticated system utilised by customers from various places in the Czech Republic and Europe. The confidence and quality is ensured by:

  • Velkoobjemová přeprava Dozens of modern DAF and Mercedes trucks for the transport of large-volume cargo.
  • Own 24/7 dispatch centre.
  • The dispatchers are fluent in several languages (English, German, Czech).
  • Immediate information about the location of vehicles.
  • Transport volume up to 120 cubic metres.
  • Maximum cargo weight up to 24 tonnes.
  • One unit can hold up to 38 EUR-pallets.
  • Sound and stable background – the company has been in business since 1991.

Our partners include the manufacturers of components for automotive industry, tyre manufacturers, producers of domestic appliances, and insulating material manufacturers. We employ the largest-possible roadworthy transport units. Our cars can hold up to 38 EUR-pallets. We can transport large volumes of goods and materials without having to hold any permits for the carriage of oversize load, thus saving our customers’ time and money.

We mostly ensure international transport to all European states, but predominantly to Germany, as it is transit country as well as destination of large part of our shipments. But we also transport large-volume cargo to England, Hungary, Romania and Benelux. Recently, we have also begun regular transports to Scandinavian states. Our clients’ activities are what matters the most, as we strive to satisfy the customers and serve them to a degree where they do not have to think about the logistics at all.

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