Freight forwarding

J.M.I.T. has cooperated with forwarders from various locations within the Czech Republic for many years. Our contractual partners possess corresponding insurance policies, meet all statutory safety requisites, and they are reliable. Together we can therefore quickly deliver our customers’ goods to desired destinations. We predominantly ship to Western and Central Europe.

  • Continuous monitoring of the transported goods.
  • Experienced dispatchers who speak English, German and Czech.
  • Proven contractual forwarders.
  • Transport volume of one unit up to 120 cubic metres.
  • Perfect tracking of the goods.

We use satellite systems for continuous monitoring of our trucks moving over European and Czech roads. The customers therefore know where their cargo is located at any moment.

At the same time, we facilitate transport of bulk shipments by air. These include goods transferred between airport terminals or shipments forwarded outside Europe. The most common of these are cigarettes, luxurious brand-name garments, and mobile phones.

If you want to receive more information about the transport of goods to EU Member States, contact us using this form.

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